Individuals with McArdle disease experience varying degrees of symptoms, ranging from mild exercise intolerance to severely limited exercise intolerance with fixed muscle weakness.
Physically active individuals are much more likely to improve their exercise intolerance and ultimately the clinical course of the disease. However, in order to achieve this, patients must have access to proper clinical management.  

To raise awareness and provide support to patients and clinicians regarding the importance of regular physical activity (150 min/week).



We will work toward our goal by:

  1. Disseminating research-based data on the benefits of regular exercise and exercise interventions.

  2. Providing practical resources that offer guidance on ‘how-to’ safely engage in exercise.

  3. Supporting clinicians who care for patients with muscle GSDs.

  4. Offering opportunities to ‘get moving’, such as the ‘Annual Walking Week’.

  5. Providing funding to researchers.

What is IamGSD?

We are a patient-led international group encouraging efforts by research and medical professionals, national support groups and individual patients worldwide.

What is Muscle GSD?

Human bodies make glucose from carbohydrates. Excess glucose is stored as glycogen in our muscles and liver. Muscle glycogen storage disease is when our muscles cannot convert their glycogen back into glucose to power our muscles.

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