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We are a patient-led international group encouraging efforts by research and medical professionals, national support groups and individual patients worldwide.

What is Muscle GSD?

Human bodies make glucose from carbohydrates. Excess glucose is stored as glycogen in our muscles and liver. Muscle glycogen storage disease is when our muscles cannot convert their glycogen back into glucose to power our muscles.

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Presentations on research relating to muscle GSDs.

IamGSD President

Dr Stacey L Reason

What does the future hold?

AGSD US Conference

September 2019

Patient registries, gene therapy, clinical practice guidelines, and quite a bit more!

UK McArdle patient

David Thompson

The effect of Triheptanoin in adults with McArdle’s

AGSD-UK Conference

October 2018

One man’s experience of participation in a trial of an oil/drug, travelling from UK to Denmark.

AGSD-UK McArdle Coordinator

Andrew Wakelin

McArdle disease research update

AGSD US Conference

September 2019

More research, multi-centre trials, patient registries, current studies, strength training, third wind, ketogenic studies and gene therapy.

Neuromuscular specialist

Dr Renata Scalco

Sodium Valproate – first drug trial in McArdle’s

AGSD-UK Conference

October 2018

A brief report and outcomes on the Sodium Valproate trial in the UK and Denmark.