What is IamGSD?

We are a patient-led international group encouraging efforts by research and medical professionals, national support groups and individual patients worldwide.

What is Muscle GSD?

Human bodies make glucose from carbohydrates. Excess glucose is stored as glycogen in our muscles and liver. Muscle glycogen storage disease is when our muscles cannot convert their glycogen back into glucose to power our muscles.

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The challenge in rare diseases is insufficient knowledge. This can lead to under-diagnosis, misdiagnosis, delays in diagnosis and inappropriate treatment. Research helps to address this. Here we provide links to current research, reviews, and recent papers.

IamGSD does not undertake formal research, but is able to engage the muscle GSD community in projects such as surveys and workshops. Valuable insight can be gained and this can help to inform the research agenda.


Cochrane Reviews are systematic reviews of primary research in human health care and health policy. They explore the evidence for and against the effectiveness and appropriateness of treatments.


A directory of published papers, articles nd book chaptedrs which we believe have particular resonance for people with muscle GSD.