AGSD-UK has run walking courses for a decade, IamGSD ran its first walking course for people with muscle GSDs in California and the German group SHG ran a course in Germany.
There are plans for many more. Stay tuned!
A four-minute testimonial video, recording the thoughts of participants on the walking course in Wales.

WALES 2010 TO 2021

A 16-minute video all about the fun and benefit of a walking course

AGSD-UK devised the walking courses for people with McArdle’s and Tarui’s. It originated in the awareness raising and fund raising “Walk over Wales” in 2010, with the first course run in 2011 and every year since, sometimes two courses in the year. Although called walking courses they in fact are so much more - including management techniques for daily living and comradeship.


Watch our two videos to get a feel for what a course is like.

FOR 2022
• Wales, main course
• Children & Parents event
Main course: July 30 to Aug 6
Childern & Parents: July 29 to Aug 2


A video interview about the course with Jeremy Michelson

IamGSD board member Jeremy Michelson organized our first walking course in the US. It was held in Northern California. A total of 20 people attended, from age 15 to age 78, with the muscle glycogen disorders McArdle’s and Tarui’s, and a cross section from those who had very recent hospitalizations with rhabdomyolysis to those who were “hill fit”.


It was an international course - people came from USA, Canada and the UK. Walks were in the giant redwood forests and on the coast, culminating on the last day in a climb of 700 feet. Amongst the participants were the parents of the young people attending, and this was a great opportunity for them to compare notes.


We held a mini course for one day following the AGSD US conference in Houston, Texas, in September 2019.


Watch out for details of future courses in the US.



Alfred Ziegler’s presentation on the walking course in Bavaria, 2019.

IamGSD supported SHG, the German GSD association, in running their first ever walking course in September 2019 in Ofterschwang. 


SHG were planning further courses for 2020 and 2021, at the same location, but the COVID-19 pandemic put a stop to them. Watch out for plans for 2022.