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We list events related to muscle glycogen storage diseases from IamGSD and other organizations worldwide.
Please note that during the Covid-19 pandemic many events were disrupted, cancelled, postponed or moved online.
From July 21 to August 4 2023

Walking courses in Wales

From 21st July is the Future Leaders training course. From 28th July is the “McArdle’s Experience”, the walking course for adults. Also from 28th July is the Children & Parents event.

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Saturday June 24 to Sunday June 25, 2023

AGSD US Annual Conference

Back in person in Orlando Florida. Program including muscle, liver, ketotic and lysosomal GSDs.

Saturday 20 to Sunday 21 May 2023


There will be a fairly extensive program on muscle GSD's at this AGSD-UK conference, now returned after the Covid 19 pandemic.

February 28, 2023

Rare Disease Day

Global celebration of rare diseases. Join in wherever you are.

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January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2022

In this period many events cancelled or posptoned

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In general terms events are now returning to normal during 2023.

Saturday May 27 to Friday June 3, 2020

Global Walking Week

 Join in our walking challenge no matter where in the world you are. Help us reach our target mileage.

February 29, 2020

Rare Disease Day

Global celebration of rare diseases. Join in wherever you are.

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May 15-16, 2020

Rare Disease Conference

European conference on rare diseases and orphan products, Stockholm, Sweden. 

May 18-24, 2020

IamGSD Global Walking Week

Our annual week to get you moving and motivated to improve your aerobic fitness. And at the same time raise awareness and maybe raise some funds. 

July 2 – August 2, 2020

Moving My Muscles Month

Get moving, get fit – join us where you are – in celebration of 10 years since the Walk over Wales milestone event.

August 6-13, 2020

Walking with McArdle’s course

AGSD-UK’s walking course in the Snowdonia National Park, Wales. The 10th year of the course!

August 13-17, 2020

Children & Parents event

Following on from the walking course, also in the Snowdonia National Park, Wales. A get-together and learning experience for children with McArdle’s.

September 11-12, 2020

AGSD US Family Conference

Patient, family, medical conference, Cleveland, Ohio. IamGSD board members will hold workshops on muscle GSDs. 

October 17-18, 2020

AGSD-UK Annual Conference

Patients and families conference, Wyboston Lakes, Bedfordshire. Workshops on muscle GSDs. 

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