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Ten years ago, on July 2nd 2010, four McArdlites set out on the challenge to Walk over Wales (WoW), 210 miles, in order to raise awareness and funds for McArdle disease.  

This watershed event was the catalyst for developing IamGSD and being able to more effectively support the international Muscle GSD community. It led to the walking courses, two books, two major videos and a YouTube channel.


We all experience “physical activity intolerance”… yet the most effective treatment option is regular physical activity. However, due to a lack of available information and informed clinicians, many patients continue to regard physical activity as a trigger for symptoms occurrence, rather than a safe and effective treatment option.


Ten years later the Muscle GSD family has grown and we would love for EVERYONE to join us as we MOVE our MUSCLES to celebrate the tenth anniversary of WoW.  



This month-long event aims to remind us how important regular exercise is, and to motivate us to start and/or keep going. 


It is not intended to be a competitive challenge against one another, but rather an opportunity to get moving in your locality - whether it be just a few steps, a few blocks, or a few miles each day. 



Every day through July 2nd - Aug 2nd 2020 (32 days).



Right where you are.


  • Move your muscles each day, being sure to go at your own pace.

  • Share with family and friends and raise awareness by using the hashtag #MovingMyMusclesMonth.

  • Support IamGSDs efforts in developing Clinical Practice Guidelines through fundraising.        


  • To improve your aerobic fitness and reduce symptoms.

  • To raise awareness of our rare muscle conditions. 

  • To help lower the age of diagnosis.

  • To support development of Clinical Practice Guidelines.

Watch out for more details in our social media posts over the coming month.

More background

You can read more about Walk over Wales, and watch our TV news clip as we finished, on the AGSD-UK web site.

Go to the Walk over Wales page.

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