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Our website is maintained in English and we have a professionally translated version in German – choose from the pop-up list of flags.


For other languages, the Google Chrome web browser can be used to automate the translation from English into your chosen language. Here is how to configure this feature.

Please realise that this solution uses automated machine translation and therefore you should not rely on the accuracy of any medical information.

Already configured?

If your first language is not English this feature may already be configured in your Google Chrome web browser.


Configuring your languages
  • In the Google Chrome browser go to the “Preferences”, “Settings”,  “Advanced” and then “Languages”.

  • In the the “Languages” section click the reveal arrow to show the language settings.

  • If you do not already have English listed, add it.

  • Against English select “Offer to translate pages in this language”.

  • If your native language is not shown, add it.

  • Against your a native language select “This language is used when translating pages”.

Applying the translation
  • Now in the URL field at the top of your browser window, near the right hand side, you will find the Google Translate icon featuring the letter “G”, as shown above. (You may need to refresh the page in order for this to appear.)

  • Hovering your cursor over that icon will display a dialogue in which you use a pop up list to choose the language you wish to translate the website into.

  • Choose the language you want and click the “Translate” button.

Not quite perfect

  • The grammar may not be very good, a few words may not translate, and some layout features may not work well.

  • However, we have worked hard to try to make the site suitable for automatic translation and we hope that you will be able to gain a considerable amount from this translation.

  • Please report any problems to us.
    We cannot control the translation, but if you notice any problems with the layout or faults in the English which are upsetting the translation, please do email: 

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