IAMGSD is focused on “McArdle Disease and related disorders of muscle glycogen where physical activity intolerance is the major symptom.” 
Our commitment is to help the worst affected.

From those severely affected to those who are high achieving –
IamGSD is here for everyone.


With IamGSD's Objectives, we will one day see everyone with a muscle GSD have an early  diagnosis, receive good advice, access expert support and achieve an excellent quality of life.

We support people to the highest functionality.

With more people diagnosed with McArdle disease than all the other muscle GSDs put together, that GSD is our initial focus. In time we will learn more about the other muscle GSDs and improve our coverage.

If you would like to contribute to our knowledge, or improve our offerings for a specific GSD, please send us a note via our contact form.

GSD2, Pompe Disease, is also a lysosomal disorder. It is rather different to other muscle GSDs.  We defer to the long established International Pompe Association.

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