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McArdle Disease medical overview

Please note that this translation is automated and may not be perfect.

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IamGSD English edition 1

© IamGSD May 2022

(First published 2013 © AGSD-UK)

Using this booklet

Vital points are highlighted in bold and blue.

Both medical professional and patient should hold a copy.

Points are referenced alphabetically for ease of referral.

See the last pages for further reading and support.

Electronic versions

A PDF may be downloaded free of charge, or refer to flip-through version, both via our website.


This booklet was originally drafted by AGSD-UK, based on the experience of people with McArdle disease, and updated by Euromac and IamGSD.

The information is intended for use by primary care and other health professionals with the support of a highly specialized service for people with McArdle disease. Please refer to our disclaimer on the Medical menu of our website.

If in any doubt please refer to a specialist in McArdle disease.


Any amendments to this edition, and the announcement of any new edition, will be posted on our website.

McArdle Disease Medical Overview


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